We are the only Manufacture of all kind of Trophies and Souvenirs etc in Pakistan. We can do Manufacture any kind of item in any design and in any material.

We Deal In:
Top Quality Shields & Trophies Manufacturer & Exporter Sialkot Pakistan. We are the only Manufacturer and Exporter of Top Quality Shields, Trophies, Replicas, Models, Medals, Medallions,  Coins, Gold Coins, Very High Quality Medals, Medals in Chrome Finish, Medals in Black Chrome Finnish, Gold Plated Medals, , Badges, Dai Cast Badges, Forged Badges, Engraved Badges, Wooden Shields, Wooden Plaques, Plaques, Laser Engraved Plaques, Wall nut Plaques, Rosewood Plaques, Cocas wood Plaques, African Blackwood Plaques, Plaques with Metal Plates and badges, Badges, Embroidered Badges, Hand Embroidered Badges, Machine Embroidered Badges, Embroidered Patches, Embroidered Banners, Embroidered Bags, Acrylic Badges, Plastic Badges, Screen Printed Badges, Engraved Badges, Etching Badges, Engraved Badges with Colors, Brass Made Badges, Steel Badges, Badges in Chromium Finish, Badges in Black Chrome Finish, Badges in Gold Finish,  Badges in Mat finish, Sand Blasted Badges, Key Chains, Metal Key Chains, Keychain with Badges, Key Chains with logos, Plastic Key Chains, Acrylic Key Chains, Leather Key Chains, Screen Printed Key Chains, Wooden Key Chains, Engraved Key Chains, Laser Engraved Key Chains, Cutting, Metal Cutting, Wooding Cutting, Iron Cutting, Brass Cutting, Marble Cutting, Laser Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, Hand Cutting, Wall Blade Cutting, Souvenirs, Metal Souvenirs, Brass Souvenirs, Hand made Souvenirs, High Quality Souvenirs, Very Fine Souvenirs, Highly Finished Souvenirs, Gold Plated Souvenirs, Awards, Presenting Awards, Prizes, Metal Awards, Wooden Awards, Sports Awards, Academic Awards, School Awards, College Awards, University Awards, Army Shields, Army Badges, Army Medals, Army Presenting Items, Army Trophies, Army Shields, Army Souvenirs, Glass Plaques, Glass Souvenirs, Engraved Glass Plaques, Engraved Glass Items, Engraved Glass Awards, Engraved Glass Boards, Engraved Inauguration Boards, Engraved Glass Command Boards, Sand Blasted Glass Boards, Sand Blasted Glass Plaques, Brass Plates, Brass Plaques, Clocks, Clocks with Logos, Wall Clocks with any logos, Watches with Logos. Ceramic Souvenirs, Ceramic Cups, Ceramic Bear Mug with Any logo, Ceramic Plates with any logo or design, Cups, Bowl Cups, Cups in German Silver, Brass Cups, Pure Silver Cups, Gold Plated Cups, Trophies in German Silver, Sports Cups, Sports Trophies, Cufflinks, Tai Pins, Coat Pins, Cuff link Complete Sets with VIP Velvet Box. High Quality Gold Plated Cufflinks, tai pins and Coat pins, Paper Weight, Plastic Paper Weight, Glass Engraved Paper Weight, Printed Paper Weight, Screen Printed Paper Weight, Table name Plates, Name Plates, Pen Stands, Pen Holders, Brass Pen Holders, Metal Pen Holders, Acrylic Pen Holder, Plastic Pen Holders, Sticks, Canes, Army Officers Sticks, Command Sticks, Major Stick, Colonel Sticks, Brigadier and General Sticks, Canes, Gold Plated Canes, High Quality Chief of Army Staff Cane made of African Black Wood, Swords, Ceremonial Items, Sandblasting, Badges, Plaques, Trophies, Engraving, Business Cards, Stationery, Printing, Rubber Stamps, Screen Printing, Embroidery, Gifts, Swords, Daggers, Ceremonial Swords, Swords of Honor Sword of Honor, Replica Sword of Honor, Swords With Engraved Blades, Tai, Special Tai with any logo, Special Neck ties with any logo, design or texture, Models, Miniatures, Models of Tanks, Models of Buildings made of Brass, Model Of any Item in Any material, Dice, Dice made of brass, dice made of Glass, dice made of plastic, Belts, Leather belts buckles, wrestling belts, kilt belts, Chrome leather leather belts, Genuine Leather Belts, Split leather belts.






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